Business for Breakfast is constantly innovating to be at the forefront of our changing business environment, whilst maintaining a warm and welcoming culture that also supports those comfortable with a more traditional business interaction.


We believe in creating the best possible environment for members of the business community to develop strong, long lasting cooperative relationships that result in quality new business leads and referrals.

What makes BforB different?
Our innovation

Innovation can come from unexpected places and from unexpected sectors, industries or individuals. However, we welcome our member’s suggestions use feedback to constantly develop how we can all best benefit from referral marketing. Listening to your feedback for the improvement of your experience with BforB is important to us.

To become the world’s most respected business networking facilitator for exceptional service delivered to our members. We do this by delivering innovative and effective opportunities to build relationships and delivering meaningful training to further professional development, all designed to build a stronger advocate base.

Developing quality referrals can take time. Therefore, some meetings you might bring more contributions, some meetings less, our groups understand this provided it is done with genuine intent. Acting responsibly, reliably when passing contribution is what counts.

To create an innovative business networking environment that will help companies reach their potential through building a valuable network of advocates.

Bibiána Cunningham

Bibiána Cunningham is the Founding Executive of BusinessCure, a strategic consultancy for small and medium-sized enterprises, and CEO of Business for Breakfast Spain, an international referral marketing organization. She is an international entrepreneur with a wealth of leadership experience in media management, non-profits, fundraising, as well as product and business development. Bibiána has particular expertise in digital transformation, content management and sales. Read more 

BforB values​
Your BforB membership experience is KEY. We understand that your time is precious so our referral marketing is designed to deliver a valuable return on your time, energy and efforts. Make every second count.



Your success in business depends on building a strong reputation and a network of advocates. Creating and strengthening co-operative and long-lasting relationships with your group will help you realise your business aspirations.

The bigger and stronger your network of strategic business alliances, the bigger and stronger your business will become.



BforB is an innovator of referral marketing and business networking. We were the first British franchised referral marketing company in the UK, but it didn’t stop there.

We are always looking for additional ways to add value for our you to gain from your referral marketing programme from the Referral Academy training programme launched in 2016, to the BforB App. We want you to be a leader in your industry and it’s our mission to help make that happen.



We want to unlock your potential. Whether you’re looking for new clients; increased confidence or new skills from the BforB Referral Academy training; or advice and strategy from your new network of advocates, BforB is the key to opening doors and growing your business.


We work with active members, those who want to work together to grow a stronger, more profitable business. It is this collective ethos, with every member making a positive contribution to the group that makes your experience with BforB so successful.

You get the training and support you need to actively contribute to the group which allowing you to pass and receive introductions and referrals.

Our ground rules:




​You will be joining a group of engaged business people who are serious about growing their businesses.

Within Business for Breakfast, business is shared and not just taken. It works because every member is there to build mutually beneficial business alliances and pass qualified referrals. 



  • Bring positive contributions to the team through qualified referrals and introductions

  • Invite guests to sample BforB and widen the groups networking capability

  • Attend every meeting, or send a representative, to maintain and build alliances

  • Conduct 1-2-1’s with fellow members to build relationships and alliances

  • Share testimonials with the group about work well done

  • Follow up, remember even a great referral can be lost without active follow–up.

  • See the process through.

Join BforB today​​

BforB members can get access to an incredible amount of expertise. The vast pool of contacts through your fellow members will not only introduce you but also recommend you to their network which is priceless.

As a member of BforB, you will have access to an exclusive referral marketing group that are actively on the lookout for new business, contacts and expertise to help you and your business grow. This includes:




It is like meeting your business representatives and marketing or sales team. The meetings are used as your opportunity to brief your group to new success stories, achievements and opportunities you are working with or plan to work with.



Social events are also organised to bring members together and enhance alliances between members regionally and nationally. This also includes an annual awards dinner which celebrates best practice across the network.



Within each group you will be the only member, or guest, specialising in your business sector. Therefore, you will be the only lawyer, plasterer, web designer, or dog walker in your group.



The leadership executive team will help keep track of the referrals being passed to understand where additional support may be required



Members get a complimentary member profile on our web site. This will give you an opportunity to introduce yourself to the wider community that our website attracts. An additional avenue of winning potential referrals and introductions through BforB.

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